Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The world would be a better place if…

· Hair didn’t turn grey.
· Baths didn’t have overflows.
· Chocolate didn’t cause spots.
· My legs were naturally hairless.
· Lines around eyes were a sign of beauty.
· Computers had never been invented.
· Zac Efron wasn’t only 21 and I wasn’t already 45.
· Overhead lighting didn’t exist.
· All shoes were free of charge.
· The phone bill never arrived.
· Curly hair didn’t go frizzy in the rain.
And… to be continued.


sara carney said...

I totally agree!! I always think the beach would be a wonderful place if it wasn't for all that sand getting in your sarnies and up your bum! X

Dawn said...

Life would be a better place if Father Christmas was the Milk Tray man and I had a four pack instead of the rolling hill look. Oh, and my periods would stop!