Friday, December 12, 2008

My Secret Lover

My brother-in-law is visiting from Australia, he's wonderful with the children and amazingly helpful, but that's another story.

What's really great about him visiting, is the little gift he brought with him.

Violet Crumble, the name alone is delicious, Violet Crumble. It's like saying your secret lover's name, and they are my secret. I hide them from the children.

These chocolate covered little squares of honeycomb, come in a violet and gold bag, that looks almost good enough to eat as well. The advertising slogan on it says:

'It's the way it shatters that matters.'

And it is so true.

If you bite into them they taste good, but if you bash them with your pestle, the little pieces taste absolutely divine.

Ive eaten so many, my teeth ache and I think I've gone deaf in one ear from all the shattering.

Alas, only one more bag to go.

Must take the phone off the hook,snuggle up in bed with them and read a good book . Who needs a lover?


Dawn said...

How sweet and delicious your experience was Ruth. Unfortunately for me, the Australian link I had to 'pestling' chocolate was the recent visit I had with my Aussie Chiropractor when in tow with the kids. In an attempt to keep them quiet, and for me to have some quiet time to myself, I bought them each a walnut whip.... 'To be eaten ONLY when I'm lying on the chiro. bed having my back pummelled.'

The Aussie chiropractor then proceeded to inform them on how similar they were to the one's she had in Australia which, in order to 'break' the chocolate shell, Aussie's would take hold of the end the whip and 'bash' it on their forehead!'

'It's the way it shatters that matters' clearly did not have the same impact for me. Bloody chocolate and mallow everywhere!

So much for a peaceful back job!

Dawn said...

Anyhow, aren't you saving that last bag for me?

You know, I too have a secret lover. I'm just working out the strategic interventions in order for us to accidently on purpose bump into each other one day - minus gorgeous long term lover because seriously, I think I do stand a chance!

Do you think my hopes are a little too high if I were to suggest Johnny Depp and I might just possibly be an item one day?!!

Anyhow, back on the angel dust... see link on memories for further explanation.

Pete London said...

Ha ha, can you get a boy's version of these magic sweets? Gob stoppers, perhaps.

Dawn said...

And how would that work Pete? Would you bash the thing on your forehead, crush it until it wilts, sorry melts in your mouth or just plain suck them to death!!!

Liking the idea. Pity I didn't see you reply earlier. And as for Ruth, 'bout time she wrote some more blogs!