Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pearls of wisdom

It’s hard to believe that something as beautiful as a pearl could be the result of a reaction to an irritation. This has always appealed to me, like the oyster, writing is my way of turning an irritation, in my case, an inability for my mind to ever be still, into something to be shared and hopefully enjoyed.
Very rarely heard lyrics from Glenn Miller’s 1941 number one hit 'String of Pearls' feature the line Call my words a string of pearls, lyricist Eddie De Lange obviously felt the same as I do.
Call me old fashioned but I love pearls, I would choose them over diamonds any day.
Worn for centuries by queens and princesses, these globules of luminance carry our history; our journey through the centuries to be where we are today.
Sexy, porous and primitive, pearls change with us. Ultimately feminine, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are placed in earrings, necklaces and rings. But to know them at their best, there is nothing to beat the sensation of wearing a long string of pearls. Their organic make up alters next to your skin as they take on the characteristics of the wearer. When you are warm, they are warm; they are cold when we are cold. As you pass them over your head to put them away, a waft of your scent will pass by you, and you will notice each time you wear them that their colour has altered slightly, to suit the acidity or alkalinity of your flesh.
Well worn pearls enhance the beauty of the woman who wears them as she enhances their beauty. Unlike any other piece of jewellery, they are not a trinket or expensive accessory, they are part of her.
As a woman is multi faceted, so too are pearls; layers of secretions have built up to produce the final product. Roll one gently against your teeth to feel its gritty surface and to know that it is real.
These lovely spheres contain our memories, our hopes, dreams, our loves, laughter and our tears; our history and wisdom in a string of pearls to be handed down to our daughters, so that we may continue to guide them when we can no longer be with them in person.

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Dawn said...

Ruth, this is a beautiful piece of writing that even without having a single pearl memory to draw upon, it has now invoked several in me I want to hold onto....

When your rich Ruth, pearls for Christmas it is then!

Ooh, lying naked, tantalising and evocative. The shimmer of the tiny silver clasp - holding those tiny worlds together.

Gimme, gimme, gimme x