Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glass and Shells

Went to the beach with Freya, my youngest daughter, after school. It was very gusty and the waves were huge and pale turquoise. I love the beach when it's deserted, bar a few 'surfer dudes,' who I hasten to add, were the only things that really interested Freya. "Why do they keep falling off their boards?" she asked, giggling. I've always wondered why they keep getting back on!
In between, trying to push each other into the sea, we managed to collect some beautiful green glass and pearly shells, oh, and made the customary visit to the vile public toilets. Freya loves toilets. when I take the girls to the cinema, she insists on going to the loo at least six times! It's no wonder that I'm never sure whether I've seen a film before.
When we got home, Freya ran a bath and threw herself and her bucket, full of beach into it. I made roasted red pepper and humus sandwiches,(I never use the green ones, don't like their flavour)to keep our strength up during our next task: Freya wanted to make 'welcome home' cards for her sisters, who had been away on a camping trip.
Freya, the bucket of beach, a piece of lilac card and a pot of glue went into the next room. I followed with the sandwiches and two cups of tea.
"Mummy, I really miss my sisters, I miss fighting with them."
"They'll be back tomorrow, just busting for a row," I replied.
Tomorrow ,I will have them all back together and I can't wait.


Tulula said...

It's Sunday morning and I have forgotten my own blog password so I have now reset it so I can post a comment. Never simple. Anyway, what a lovely way to start my Sunday reading your first posting.Made me laugh as always. Well done.
Love Tray x

Dawn said...

Hi Ruth... this'll make you smile.

7.30am, Maddy on toilet, me getting ready for work. 'Oh mum, I can't get my big fat poo out!' To which I reply, 'Oooh Maddy, that's not a particularly good description is it?' Maddy queries this 'What do you mean, dispiction?' 'Well, it's a big graphic isn't it what you've just said?' .... 30 seconds later I then add 'Anyhow, you're probably constipated.' She says, 'What does constipated mean?' 'It means you can't get your big fat poo out!!'

Love and hugs D. x